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Brittany Nichelle & Co offers to exceed your business needs.

How does it feel to work with Brittany Nichelle & Co?
I don’t like to brag, so I’ll let my past and current clients do it for me.

“Brittany was wonderful to work with. She was a great listener, she did what I asked, and she went above and beyond to get the job done in a timely manner. She also had a lot of creative ideas that she brought to the table. I would rehire her again. She was lovely to work with.”
“Brittany is amazing at what she does. Save a headache , and hire her. Thank you again.”
“Brittany Bluford is hands down one of the best content creators. Brittany has been writing my blogs for my business and when I tell you my attorney clients have been loving this content and sharing it, they are loving it.”

Content is queen, content is currency, content is strategic, and content is vital to your business. Imagine a customer comes into your business, raves about the product and services, makes a large purchase, and you never see them again.

Talk about a wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Two weeks later that customer needs the same products and services you offer, but they go down the street to a competitor. If you’re a business that wants to maintain customers, this should raise an eyebrow.

So, how can I help? I’m glad you asked.

Without content that makes your audience say “this is exactly what I need,” “I have got to tell my friends and family about this,” and “are they reading my mind,” you’re loosing the game.

Yes, email newsletters should be sent out at least once a month with a subject line that breaks through the clutter.

Yes, blog posts with evergreen content belongs on your site.

These are all small details of content marketing that are important, but you shouldn’t have to worry about.

My goal is simple: to make content fun, uncomplicated, and successful for businesses who want more than a one night stand with their target audience.

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